(Vlog) How to throw an INDOOR CAMPOUT

       Am I the only one that cries when their children get a year older? I promise every year I shed a tear. They aren't sad tears more like tears of joy! I am proud of my children every single one of them. They are each different in their own way. Each has their own unique quality that sets them apart from the other. My oldest son Isaiah turned twelve last month and I am still gasping over his growth spurt that came out of no where! Eeek! He blows everyones mind when they ask, "how old is your son?" And I say oh he's twelve. They gasp with their eyes wide saying, "wow what a handsome young man". You might catch me blushing a little bit. (Proud mamma)

He couldn't decide what he wanted to do for his birthday. He wanted to go to the arcade, then he didn't. He wanted to have a house party, then he didn't. We went back and forth, back and forth. Until I thought about staying in. My hubby wanted to save a little money so this idea might just be the ticket. So I asked my son to tell give me ideas on what to call it. Boys don't say sleepover or slumber party. That was too girly, so he opted for campout. That was it we were going to throw an indoor campout! Aewsome! Now let's bring it all together. First things first who's invited? Well this was an indoor campout for boys only.

      I searched the internet for camp themed clipart and saw some really cute stuff. I used some of the clipart to make digital invitations that I sent to all of the parents via text messaging. It was perfect the image showed up perfectly on their phones and they wouldn't misplace it. I only asked if they could be sure to let their sons see the invitation as well, because it was super cool and we wanted the boys to get excited. Some of the boys had a personal phone so I sent the invitation to their phones as well. I created the invitation using photoshop but if you don't have Photoshop Picmonkey works great. Let me know if you would like to see how I put the invitations together, they were awesome!

      My youngest son wanted smores so we had to do that it went perfectly with the theme. My son placed a custom cake order with me and asked for a homemade coconut cake. His pallet is maturing so he no longer ask for store bought decorated cakes, he has come to realize homemade taste so much better. Not to mention better for you. So, I had never made that cake and had to call in re-enforcements, also known as my mother. She came over and helped me pull the party together and walked me through this cake. We decided on a coconut pineapple cake. Yum! I made it from scratch and it was delicious. I hope your subscribed so you don't miss that recipe post coming very soon.

      We set up the boys a gaming station where they could play the Wii U, Xbox 360, or the Playstation. We had the boys bring a game remote for any of those systems and had them label their belongings. All of those instructions was on the invite. It worked out great! My son had multiplayer games set up and ready so the boys didn't have to search for them.
I already owned a tent so we saved there. I took a string of lights and ran them along the top of the tent. It looked amazing in low light. We lit the fireplace so set the scene of a campfire and roasted the mashmallows over the fire using scewers. I was right there with the boys to monitor the marshmallow roasting to be sure everyone was being responsible and being safe. The boys loved it! The tent was a huge hit and breakfast the next morning was a show stopper. We hosted eight boys and some slept in the tent on blankets/sleeping bags and pillows and some slept around the tent on the sofas with their sleeping bags and pillows. The big screen tv was in front of the tent and they were able to watch a movie later on that night.

They enjoyed really good food, played games, rode the boys go kart, jumped on the trampoline and played basketball. What an amazing experience. I was exhausted but I wouldn't change it for nothing in the world, it was priceless. My son still talks about how much fun they all had and how he can't wait to do it again. It was so important to us that he had a great time and how about that he did something different and it was a hit! Try an indoor campout and let me know how yours turns out.

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