(Vlog) Christmas in the Clouds : Our Christmas

Hi Beautiful Nesters I hope you all are blessed and doing well. I got to get better at updating this blog you guys. (Sigh) Sometimes I forget about our little piece of internet real estate. Just like my home I have to maintain this one, so I'll do better I promise. #2017goals..

Memories, memories, memories. Recalling my childhood holiday experiences is something I’ll never forget. Thank goodness they are good memories and not bad ones. We were blessed and I thank God everyday for the little things that I cherish from my childhood and the memories my husband and I are creating for our children. My parents spoiled us rotten and I do mean rotten when it came down to buying us toys and treats for Christmas. Even though they did nothing wrong and meant well, my husband and I promised ourselves that we wouldn’t do that with the kids. We’ll teach them good values and the true meaning of the holiday without spoiling them with so many unnecessary gifts. We’ll instill in them love, kindness and truth, just as our parents instilled in us. We’ll show them and teach them how to be grateful for the little things. We’ll teach them about God and how to understand the Bible better. We’ll teach them about propaganda and how this day turns into a shopping circus if your not aware of it. The holidays were really special for us and we hope you all enjoyed yours as well. Come along with us and take a sneak peek into our Christmas day. Don't forget to subscribe Beautiful Nesters! Enjoy and God bless.


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