(Video) DIY Homemade Bug Repellent

Over the past couple of years our children have had a love hate relationship with drugstore products.    Such as bug repellent, sunblock, soap etc.  One of the reasons I make my own homemade flaxseed gel.  My youngest son would have an allergic reaction the worse.  He just recently broke out in hives after applying sunblock on his skin. Last year he broke out in hives after I applied bug spray on him. So I decided that from now on we would put things on our skin that is as natural as possible without all of those harmful, toxic, carcinogenic ingredients. So today I want to share with you our recipe that we now use as a bug repellent and it really works! You can change the fragrance if you want, be mindful not to choose scents that will attract bugs. Here’s what we used:


2 oz glass bottle (dark in color)
2 TB of distilled water/boiled water
2 TB of witch hazel
1 TB of natural 100% almond oil (neem oil, grape-seed oil, jojoba oil, olive oil)
10-20 drops of 100% citronella essential oil
10-12 drops of 100% lavender & tea tree essential oil
10 drops of 100% lemon essential oil
(Other essential oils you can use: lemon eucalyptus, cedar wood, rosemary)
Combine ingredients in your bottle and shake well. Store in cool place. Spray on (for external use only) and enjoy! Keeps bugs away for about 3-5 hours. Re-apply as needed. (Consult a doctor before use if necessary)