My youngest son turned 10 years old! I am so proud of him and his brother they have been on a homeschool learning journey for two years now and let me tell you it has had its ups and downs. I can remember many things my son did as a little one and so many funny things he and his brother have done through the years. I laugh about it, I cry about it and at the end of the day I smile about it. Being a mother is the greatest gift I have been given. Thankfully and prayerfully I have had a loving, caring and dovoted husband by my side to lead the way! Our children have always been our top priority and I must say he’s a pretty cool kid! Toot toot! So let’s take a trip down memory lane and start at the beginning. Now I’m only going to do this once being that turning a decade only happens once in your lifetime. So don’t worry if you think every time our children have a birthday I’ll be posting a lengthy post on every single year. Wrong, I might do a few flash backs but this trip we are about to take will happen only once so let’s go! Are you ready? Okay your about to get to know my son and yes I will do a post on my other children we can’t leave them out right? Right! But, that’s for another day. Born on a hot summer day in May of two thousand five my son was born the exact same way his older brother was born…sunny side up! Lol. That’s what his doctor called it when your born facing up instead up facing down. The formal name for it is called OP or occiput posterior.
The pain Lord the pain was so intense but bearable. Strange uh? I pushed, took a huge breath and pushed and he wouldn’t budge. Then finally with one large push and breath he was born! He didn’t cry out. I could only glance over to see him on the table as he wouldn’t cry out, I asked is he okay? The nurses and doctor assured me that he was okay. They said, “Oh he’s fine just being a little stubborn." I could hear them asking him to cry a bit or say hello. So he did, I heard the loudest yet cutest little cry. It was such a relief. Year one went by so fast that I looked around and he was walking on his birthday. He had been taking small steps before that. I guess he wanted to show us he was a big boy!

Year two was super fun! I hear alot of people talk about terrible two’s, but we didn’t experience that with any of our children we called it TERRIFIC TWO’S! A two year old is so adorable at that age they began to explore more and see things they couldn’t recognize before. The world starts to come to life for them as they now can understand small details. He was walking around, falling at times. Exploring and eager to learn new things. He stuck right by his brothers side and new when his sister was holding him in her little arms. He wanted to go everywhere his brother went and bossed him around while he did it. He was daddy’s baby boy and he new it! When he wanted something or wanted his way he would run to daddy. He loved watching Elmo, Dora and Boots! He would ask to watch Little Einstiens with his brother which was Isaiah’s favorite next to Sesame Street! He would tell on his brother and he still does to this day. Lol.
Year three was amazing! This little boy could read, write and speak clearly in sentences. He would come into the kitchen and would ask me if he could help me cook. I loved that he wanted to be in the kitchen with me that was so sweet. So I taught him little things that he could handle and it worked out great. His older brother would take the lead a bit being that he was twice his size, he would help him pour things so he wouldn’t spill it.
Year four went by much to fast. I still can’t believe it! School was something he looked forward to at four. He started public school pre-kindergarten and his brother and I would walk him into class every morning. He was very shy at first, never forgetting his backpack and lunch. Oh yeah his snack too for quiet time! I never missed a field trip as I loved to volunteer at the school. I was there nearly everyday helping the teachers when I could.
Year five arrived and it was time for Kindergarten!!!! I don’t know about you but I looked forward to kindergarten with our children. It was like waiting on Christmas day. So strange I think I over think things sometimes. Anyway I was so excited it rubbed off on him because he was more excited than I was. He was known to be a pretty smart kid as they placed him in advance kindergarten classes. What are advanced kindergarten classes? Omg, but we were proud of him and we were happy to oblige. He was placed in a homeroom class and after the bell rang he went to his “advanced” class. He was so glad because he felt that his homeroom teacher was very mean to him and the children. So when the bell rang, he was out of there. Luckily he got an amazing advanced learner teacher and he was so happy to attend her class eveyday.
Fast forward to today! I am a proud homeschooling mommy and my children mean the world to me, abviously duh. Just kidding I could go on and on about the many things I could share with you and the lovely photos we captured over the years but, we’ll save those for another post. Until then we hope you enjoy your birthday and your love ones birthday because it is truly a blessing to share another year with them here on planet earth. Toodles!