(Video Tutorial) A Beautiful Finger Coil Out on Natural Hair

What I love the most about natural hair is that natural hair is so versatile.  Hair can do nearly anything  and I do mean anything!  The finger coil out is somewhat of a protective style.  Even though your hair is worn out, you are not manipulating it on a daily basis.  When we keep our hands and tools out of our hair, this will aide in hair growth and it will also help fight against breakage.  Eeek!  We don’t want that do we?  Absolutely NOT!  Okay let’s get started on this style, here’s what you’ll need:
Eco styling gel (I used Eco styling Moroccan oil)
Detangling tool of your choice
Water and spray bottle (I usually have rosemary essential oil, Jamaican black castor oil, in my water)
I washed and conditioned my hair and left just a bit in my hair so that it could still penetrate the hair strands.  I applied the Eco styler gel onto small sections of hair and began to twist clockwise until the hair is coiled.  If your hair doesn’t coil at the roots simply two strand twist the hair a few twist down the strand and then began to twist the hair.

Finger-coil-out-pic-2This hair style takes about an hour to complete and once your done you can let your hair air dry or opt for a hooded dryer.  Finger-Coil-Out2
Use a satin scarf or bonnet to sleep in over night and spray your hair after it’s dry with oil or use your hands to message the oil gently onto the hair strands.  Finger-Coil-Out5
Separate your coils gently with oiled hands and fluff using a pick at the roots.   Before you wash your hair be sure to detangle and stretch your hair completely so that you don’t experience tons of tangles! Finger-Coil-Out3
Depending on your hair type you could experience tangles if you try to go straight in an wash your hair without detangling and stretching first.  So don’t forget loves!  Until next time my Beautiful Nesters!
XoXo Sandy

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